In order to give you the best deal due to the cost of  Postage we are selling our Giggle Cards in groups of ten or twenty which is in reality 11 or 22 Cards because for every 10 Cards ordered you receive a FREE Card.

Currently the Postage costs are  ( These rates are subject to change )

Australia                        10 (11) CARDS       $3.00             20 (22) CARDS        $3.00
New Zealand                                                    $5.35                                                  $5.35
USA                                                                        $8.00                                                   $8.00
Canada                                                              $8.00                                                   $8.00

You can see that the postage rates are the same for 10 and 20 so ordering packs of 20 would be cheaper overall.

Your postage is calculated after you order. Put  your address in the calculate shipping spot on the Cart page.


If you have a " Referrer" number click on the Image of the Card and a Referrer pop up will open. Enter the details there. 

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