About Us

Hi Fundraisers!

Thought I would share with you how “Giggle” Donation Cards came to be.

Many years ago I became interested to find or produce a system that would help Fundraisers in their endeavours to raise money for their causes. I could see the terrible struggles groups were having:

  • Wasted time and effort trying to get people to order products that they really did not want
  • Too little funding going toward the cause and far more profit going to the company providing the products
  • Valuable time wasted carrying around and delivering merchandise
  • Families getting stuck buying products or raffle tickets themselves because they did not want to pressure others

Of course then there is the yummy chocolate that somehow disappears with family members helping themselves and then having to pay for the lot yourself!

I realised that people really wanted to help causes but it had to be less of a hassle.

After a long search for a different way to help people Fundraise, the idea of a donation card finally came to me.

Compare this to “traditional” Fundraising:

  • Most people are happy to give your Giggle Donation Card’s required donation: between $.50 and $2.00—the change in their purse!
  • Small enough to easily carry in a pocket or handbag, so you can Fundraise anywhere you go!
  • Let’s face it: everyone loves a riddle! It’s an opportunity to put a smile on a face and have a giggle together.
  • Designed to be as cost effective as possible. Our bonus deal on 100 cards turns an investment of $550 into $6050 toward your cause.

That’s a 1100% return! Now that’s DIFFERENT!

Giggle Donation Cards give you a fun, cost-effective and hassle-free way to get the most out of your time and efforts and the most funding for your cause.

Looking forward to helping you!

Happy Fundraising!